Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 38
Country United States
City Austin
The Yoga I love to practiceAll
InterestsI'm like a closet Monk searching for his priestess. We should maintain balance of mind, body, and spirit, but through the guidance of our soul. Mind: study, experience, psychoanalyze Body: I try consume only healthy organic foods with gratitude and conscious of the tattvas they hold, exercise/yoga, naturapathy Spirit: Meditation,daily rituals, constant self observation
Me in Three WordsNosce te ipsvm

Since it will eventually come up, it's best to be up front about this, I am a firm believer in white tantra, not what you read on the internet, but the ancient practice of transformation of sexual creative energy.  As a single this means, no sexual impurities, no masterbation, but rather working with pranayama and the breath to move the energy through the body.  As a couple, sex  must be pure and sanctified as the ancient tantric Yogi's practiced, meaning if you're into 50 shades of grey, I'm not for you.  We learn to master the flow of energy while in coitus without the violent spasm to the nervous system and instead use the waves of energy to strengthen our mind, body, and spirit.  This is the secret to the alchemist transformation of lead into gold.   I am not into the mundane sex life of animals.

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