Dating Tips

Some of our friends have put together their personal tips that helped them find love. If you have any suggestions that you would like us to share, please email us at [email protected]  
If you really want to meet someone you are going to have to take action. It’s well known now that 2 in 3 relationships start online. Join Yoga Singles and start connecting with people. Put yourself out there, talk to people, go on dates and start opening yourself up to the possibility of falling in […]
People often go on a date and spend a lot of time in their own mind or get nervous and talk too much. Avoid daydreaming or critiquing the other person in your mind, and try not talking endlessly about yourself. Listen to the other person, ask them questions and you are more likely to put […]
If you are a happy person people are going to want to be around you, it’s just a fact. Smiling relaxes you and makes you think more positive thoughts so you’re much more likely to be fun on a date. If you’re struggling to get in the mood, try taking some time, just 5-10min, to […]
Most of us follow the same dating patterns over and over again and can’t understand why we never find love. For example, maybe you’re always single and complaining about it, or you’re always in short term relationships? If you want to break these patterns and find someone amazing, you need to be honest with yourself […]
A vision board is a visual reminder of your goals. If you are looking to get married then put a picture of a married couple, if you’re looking for a yoga partner, someone to travel with or to share a spiritual connection with, then put these images up on a board. Be clear and honest. You can […]
Take time out and sit quietly to focus your mind on what you want. Imagine all the characteristics you are looking for in one person. Don’t put any physical characteristics to this person, it will only limit you. Instead, imagine what it would be like to talk to this person, how they make you feel, […]
“Firstly, stop telling yourself you’re single, you are limiting your beliefs. Instead tell yourself what a great catch you are, what great boyfriend material you make, or what an awesome girlfriend you make etc. If you change your mind-set, it will start to change your behaviour. Those girls or boys nights out where you celebrate being […]
This doesn’t mean making a list of superficial requirements, like having a great car, or a nice hair cut. I mean, REALLY know what you want. What are the core characteristics that you value the most in someone? For example, are they creative, intellectual, adventurous, reliable, loving, funny, serious… etc? Make a list, look at […]
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