Dating Tips

Know what you want!

This doesn’t mean making a list of superficial requirements, like having a great car, or a nice hair cut. I mean, REALLY know what you want. What are the core characteristics that you value the most in someone? For example, are they creative, intellectual, adventurous, reliable, loving, funny, serious… etc?

Make a list, look at it again and really think about it. Be honest with yourself and if you need to revise the list, do it. Be sure that this is what you are after.

Put the list up somewhere that you look every day, maybe on the back of a door or a mirror. This way you will see it every day and be reminded what it is you are looking for. It will help filter out all the people that are not for you. Focus on this list and look for people that fit this list. If you meet someone that doesn’t look exactly like your perfect picture but they possess all the characteristics you are seeking, give them a chance. Attraction grows if you are open to it and allow it to happen. (Sally)

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