Singles Circle

Life is way too short, moments pass us by quickly. Before you know it you are in a completely different place than you ever expected in life and you wish you had done more or tried harder. We all have those moments where we wish we had taken more of a chance in life, stepped out of our comfort zone and talked to that person we were interested in, asked for their number or reached for that kiss.

I’m here to tell you now that it won’t get any easier, it will only get harder the longer you leave it. So go for it NOW! Don’t wait a second longer, don’t stand there wondering or overthinking it. Go out there and reach for those people you want to connect with, engage with people, connect, show them the greatness that is you.

Take a chance, who cares if you fail, at least you won’t spend your life wondering. And in most cases you will learn a valuable lesson that will strengthen you to go forward and take the next risk. That’s life!

So think of today as your last chance to run out and kiss someone special. Make those moments that take your breath away.

Connect with Nature & Connect With Yourself

If you are the type of person who gets very nervous on a date, try to pick a venue that allows you to connect with nature. Perhaps it’s walking through a garden, a picnic in a park, visiting a farm or animal sanctuary. Being amongst nature and animal life can help you breath, reconnect, and get in touch with your authentic self.

You are more likely to be relaxed and honest if you are not distracted by busy crowds or advertising pollution. Avoid distractions and connect with your natural self. There may be less to say, but what you do say will be genuine, uninterrupted conversation coming from your heart.

I WILL Find Love This Year!

We say it every year, but how often do you actually mean it? We do the same things we have always done, we don’t try anything new, and we don’t believe it can happen. So why would it be any different to last year? Nothing will change unless you make it happen.

So what are you going to do different this year that you have never done before? Hear are some ideas:

  • It could be as simple as changing your attitude, be more optimistic about your love life and believe it can happen for you.
  • You may need to go to more events with like-minded people. Join or other social groups that have regular events. Sign up for all those annoying email events that you once filtered to spam & just deleted, but now read them and go to the events as regularly as possible.
  • Say ‘YES’ more often. To people, to invitations, to events, to ideas, to conversations. Just embrace possibilities that can come with that simple word.
  • Try changing your routine so you meet new people. Go to a different coffee shop in the morning, eat at different restaurants, try a new yoga class in a different area, or maybe a new job.
  • Dedicate more time to socialising, even if that means aiming to meet one new person a week. You may just find you make some great new friends and invite new people and possibilities into your life.

Get out of your comfort zone and make this the year that you find your unbelievably great love!

Good luck and let us know how your go. We are hear for you.

Peace & Love


Want Love? Fake It Till You Make It?

The mind is everything when it comes to dating. You need to think like a person already in love if you want to attract love. If all you ever do is talk about being single, live a single life, and hang out with single people, then you will inevitably attract that single energy.

It’s time to change things up! Here are some tricks that help you get into the mindset of a loving committed relationship:

Never sleep in the middle of the bed, sleep to one side and imagine your loved one sleeping next to you.

Keep half your wardrobe space available for your loved one. Make room in your world for them as if they were already there.

Go to places that you would want to go to with your partner. You will inevitably attract people that you want from these places.

Cook proper meals each day as if you were cooking for someone special, you can always have leftovers the next day.

Keep at least 2 nights a week available for “date night” and try to fill them with actual dates. Committing time to a relationship can be the biggest challenge for some.

Stop saying you are single. If asked, reply with “I love being in a relationship and can’t wait for someone special.”

Don’t let your ego get in the way, if someone offers to set you up, say yes.

Don’t complain about being single. Tell people how excited you are about being with someone amazing and how great you are in a relationship.

Make each day count, as though you were in a new relationship and showing them your absolute best side, all the time. Eventually it will come naturally and you won’t have to try, you will just be the best version of you all the time, and there is nothing more attractive then that, right?

How Yoga Fits Into My Day, All Day

I wake up and take deep breaths, slowly, with calmness, not relying on my ability to inhale anymore than my exhale. 

When I eat my breakfast, each mouthful is chewed with gratitude, with full appreciation for the taste, recognising the exact sensation of each mouthful. 

As I sit to do my work I make a clear intention for the day which will affect each action I take, each email I write, each word spoken and all energy exerted. 

I encounter many people throughout my day, some friendly and calm, others stressful and angry. I focus on my true intention for the day with compassion and kindness so as not to allow their energy to interfere with my blissful mindset, aiming only to help others feel more positive and happy with their time in this universe. 

I go to the market and purchase my food with gratitude to the planet for providing such a perfect composition of molecules to nourish my body. 

I meet my dad and aim to only bring him peace in his old age, to love and support him in anyway I can, even if it’s just simply helping him with his phone. 

When I have moments of solitude I try to reflect mindfully on the present moment, how I feel, what’s happening around me and make it somehow more beautiful. That’s my goal. 

This is how I hope to one day live each moment; with complete intention mindfully, compassionately and lovingly. But I’m not quite there, yet… 

Yoga Makes Life Harder? So I Quit!

Since I made that first step onto the mat, my life has become so much harder. I learnt how to breath more wholly, with depth and calmness, which certainly makes it difficult for me to see my mum hold her breath with anxiety. How can I help her breath properly?

Since I learnt how to open my heart centre, stretch and be free with my soul, I find it so difficult to not love. How could I possibly hold back my soul and my love?

I learnt how to trust and respect my body, to listen to my bodies needs. So it becomes difficult to take that drug that the Doctor insists I have, when I know my body will take care of itself if I am kind to it. 

It’s so difficult to eat an animal when I have focused so much of my time on cultivating love for all beings. How could I intentionally kill life?

It’s difficult to care what I wear each day when I know it doesn’t add anything special to the world or make me any better as a person. How can I spend money on things that don’t improve my soul or the world around me?

In fact, everything I use to do with my time; go to bars, gossip, shop, watch TV etc. it all just seems too difficult, when the only place I find true peace and happiness is when I practice yoga.

But most of all, it’s difficult to limit the time I spend on my personal yoga practice in the morning so I can go to a job that serves no purpose to improving this universe or the souls in it. So I quit, my job! 

Forgiveness Helps You Love.

If you have ever been hurt in a relationship, then you know how hard it can be to move on and let the next person in. It’s never easy to trust again, to believe people can be good to you, or to open your heart to someone and allow yourself to be loved. Many people put up protective barriers to avoid feeling that way again. But you’re not helping yourself. You’re just going to restrict yourself from receiving any kind of love in the future. Holding onto painful past experiences does no one any good.

People you meet will inevitably be able to feel this pain you carry with you. It may be subconscious, but they will feel it and be turned off. They will know you are not fully committed to the relationship because your energy is focused on healing the pain from a previous relationship.

The only thing you can do is learn to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the most important acts you will ever learn in life. Not only does it release bad energy from your past, but it gives you the emotional space to move forward and focus your thoughts on new love.

So today, make a conscious decision to forgive anyone that has caused you pain. Say to yourself “I forgive you and release you from my mind. Thank you.” Now you are free to move onto better and brighter things. Namaste

Sparks Do NOT Fly Immediately!

You meet, eyes lock, the world falls away and all you know is their sparkling eyes. Fireworks shoot up behind their head as you see their soul shine out. You’re in love!  Right…? Or maybe it’s just what I like to call “imaginary infatuation.” You want to be in love so badly that you become infatuated with someone and imagine the feeling of love so intensely. But it’s not real. It fizzles out after a few months or they do something that you don’t like and it all blows up in your face and you just can’t understand why?

Let’s be realistic here, you can’t truly love someone you don’t know anything about. It just doesn’t make any sense. True love comes from knowing someone deeply and intimately, in good times and bad times, by opening your heart to someone and allowing them to see you for who you really are. True love is when you can be at your worst and still feel comfortable to confide in them, a best friend, with unconditional admiration.

So be patient, take the time to get to know someone and commit to regular time with them without distraction. Always be exactly who you are, not what you think they want you to be. Be sure you are seeing them through honest and open eyes. Often, love will hit you at that very moment when you allow yourself to care deeply for them, when you realise your admiration for them, and see their true nature.

When Is The Right Time To Have Sex?

In the world of dating, sex can be a very touchy subject. Some believe you should wait, others dive right in. But there is a fine balance to be observed. Here are some points to help keep you in line:

* Don’t wait too long. Anything more than 8 months and it’s likely one of you is just scared or using sex to control the other. Move past your fear and get jiggy with it.

* If you can’t talk about politics, religion or money yet then you’re not quite ready to lock loins.

* Meet ‘their people’. You can tell a lot about someone by who they hang out with. If they are hanging from the roof with a beer in one hand and a weapon in the other, then I’de question their judgement.

* Exercise with them. If you’re comfortable in your jogging bottoms sweating like a pig, then you’re on your way to doing the deed.

* Sex on the first date is never a good idea. In fact, sex on the first, second or third date will usually leave one of you feeling confused. Keep it in your pants until at least the 4th date.

* Make sure you know their last name, details about their family, and where they work. Seems simple, but you would be surprised how many people forget to ask…?

* Seeing someone under stress can show you who they really are. So see how they handle going without internet for a day, or a trip to IKEA…

* Cook together. Not only does is establish equality but you are forced to communicate and bond. No fights? Then you’re good to go.

If you have done your ground work, then go for it. Just be safe, be brave, be open, be honest.

What Are Your Love Goals?

Many of us make goals every day; for our jobs, finances, our weight etc. But how often do we actually set ‘Love Goals’? How often do you set an actual intention to achieve love in a certain amount of time? Seems strange to some of us, particularly those who are not specifically numerically minded, like myself. But sometimes keeping things vague like “I want to fall in love” just doesn’t cut it. You need more. You need to put the pressure on yourself to take action and that requires specific, achievable, timely goals. So take a seat, grab a pen and have a think;

1) When exactly do you want to fall in love by? By the end of the year? By your next birthday? Pick a date, highlight it on your calendar and work towards it. Consider this your deadline date, like you would a work project. Then work backwards, considering all the necessary steps required to achieve your goal by this date.

2) What exactly do you want the final goal to be? Does it end in marriage? Living with your partner? Or will you be happy with just having a great person in your life? Do you need a great passion or stability? Be specific.

3) How are you going to actually achieve your goal? Write down all the possible options that can give you the result you are aiming for; whether it’s online dating or attending more events. Commit to actioning each of these areas every single day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

4) How can you measure your success rate in achieving your love goal? Rate the amount of love you have in your life on a scale of 1 to 10 right now. This can come from friends/family etc. Once you have met someone special and are reassessing your goals, rate the level of love in your life again and see if it has increased or not. Has this person actually brought more love to your life or caused you to have less love?

5) It’s also important to define “Love” in your own terms. Everyone has a different standard of love they need and defines it in slightly different ways. Decide what you need in the word “love” and make sure it becomes so.

6) Make sure your goals are realistic. There is no point aiming for something that is completely unachievable. We want you to succeed.

So write this all down and put it up on your wall where you can see it every day. Make sure your actions each day reflect these goals and you are putting the appropriate amount of time into achieving it by your deadline. If it doesn’t happen for you, reassess your goals, what you have learnt and how you have progressed, and start again. With commitment, you will achieve it.

The Change To A Yogic Life

“I do yoga but I’m not some kind of weird hippie.” Umm… I can’t believe I once said this on a first date. I should have stood proud and tall that I do yoga and yes, I am a bit of a hippie, so what!? I meditate, believe in spirit guides, gravitate to high energy foods, and wear a necklace with an Om on it. Thats me! So why did I feel like I shouldn’t show people that on a first date?

It’s saturday night; you’re in a bar with a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, wearing something that you have carefully picked to try and entice the opposite sex, and your eyes are wondering around the room searching for the best option to keep you momentarily distracted for the night, with the secret hope that it might evolve into something more meaningful.

Sound familiar?

Most of us have been in this position at least once in our lives. Many of you have evolved beyond this point. Perhaps it was when you first discovered yoga or meditation and things started to change quickly in your life. Your choice of food changes, your perspective on life shifts, you prioritise different activities, and perhaps you start hanging out in different circles of friends. Sometimes after all this change, you forget how many people are actually out there that understand your lifestyle.

We started Yoga Singles a year ago now so I have had the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant people and discover what they want in a relationship. I have been pleasantly surprised to see so many people who just didn’t realised there were so many like-minded singles out there, looking for the same thing; people who want to eat healthy, do yoga, practice spirituality and meditation with a conscious mind. They are certainly out there. So embrace who you are and find someone who respects and supports your lifestyle with great and loving passion!

I Want Everything, So I Get Nothing

I want to be with someone seriously sexy, really rich, who never argues with me, loves all the same things as me, has no flaws, and a golden halo…

hmmmm… really? Sound familiar?

If you are one of these people it’s likely that you will struggle to cultivate a healthy, peaceful, fulfilling relationship. You will always be looking for the unattainable, the sparkling treasure at the end of the rainbow. Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn’t exist. And you know it! In fact, you probably chase this ‘perfect’ person because you know they don’t exist so you then avoid the reality of an actual relationship. Well that isn’t going to help you find love, is it?

So what to do…?

Ok so when you meet someone new, write a list of 10 characteristics they posses. Start at the top with all the best ones and then as you go further down the list reveal the ones that are ok, and then the not so good ones. For example: kind, loving, friendly, ambitious, adventurous, family focused, eats junk food, drinks a lot, sometimes moody, gets angry & yells easily.

Possessions do not count in this, so money, cars, or a big house are not to come onto your list. Only personality traits please!

Once you have your list, look closely at it. Do the good outweigh the bad? Can you tolerate the bad traits? How much do you love the good ones? How important are they to you? If you are looking at a list with mostly good traits then try to give the relationship a good chance. If they have mostly poor traits then they are not for you. But remember, there are so many people out there that are full of 10 great traits, it’s all in your perspective. Right?

Meditation To Help You Find Love

Sit in a quite space, undisturbed, on a cushion or chair and close your eyes, with palms facing up. Take 3 deep slow breaths, counting to 4 as you breath in, hold your breath for 4 counts, then breath out for 4 counts and hold for 4 counts. Continue this pattern 3 times focusing only on your breath.

Now, as you continue steady breathing, bring your attention to the air coming in and out of your nostrils and count to 7. Try not to allow other thoughts to disturb your focus, but if they do, start counting again. Once you have managed to reach 7 without disturbing the mind, you are ready to start your visualisation.

Start by visualising yourself in a safe and comfortable place. It can be anywhere; a beach, park or even your home. See yourself in this space and feel the sense of happiness and peace wash over you. Then imagine what you would love to be doing in this space. See yourself interacting with your ideal partner. What kind of things would you do together, talk about, or experience together?

Try not to put a face to the person as it will only limit you. Instead, imagine the feelings you have when you are around each other, the interaction between you, the gestures, the conversation, the attitude, the love. Be creative and enjoy this process for a few minutes.

When you feel like you have a good grasp on the image, thank the universe for this blessing in your life, lower your head and slowly open your eyes.

Try this meditation for 5-10 minutes each day and see how the it begins manifest in your life.

Always Single?

I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is always single and asked him how the dating was going. He said the same thing he always says “not much happening.” It’s the same story over and over again with him. He is a lovely, warm, kind gentleman with so much to offer, but he has one very big problem; he can’t remember what it’s like to be in a relationship.

When you have been single for a long time you start to forget that lovely feeling of having someone to care about, you don’t know what it’s like to share great news with someone special, to get excited about seeing them, or to feel the love of someone else’s energy close to you. Instead, you get stuck in the same old pattern of being single.

My advise to him was received with a little controversy. I told him to just start dating ANYONE. Just say ‘yes’ to the next date. If you meet someone remotely interesting, ask them out. Open yourself up and just get involved NOW. Some may say that this isn’t fair to the other person, but if your intentions are always good, you are not doing anything wrong. You are just giving people a chance.

I think he expected to meet someone and just see the perfect person right there in front of him. But it doesn’t work that way. For most people, love grows and you have to put the time and effort into a person to develop a relationship. How can you ever do that if you are sitting at home assuming no one is right for you? Give people a chance. You never know what you might learn, what experiences you may have, or even what relationships you might conjure up.

Committing to being in a relationship breaks the bad cycle of being single and gets you into the swing of things. It will help you realise what you want in a relationship, show you what it’s like to be with someone, and open you up to the next stage in your life – Love!

Are You REALLY Trying to Meet Someone?

So many people make excuses why they aren’t in a relationship. But let’s be honest, if you really really want to meet someone amazing, you can! You are holding up barriers in front of your own face. This is usually the main reason people are single. Once you realise what these barriers are, your outlook on life changes and suddenly you start meeting the right people. Here are some of the biggest excuses I hear and ways you can overcome them:

* “I don’t have time” – Yes, you do have time! You are just not prioritising it. Less TV, Facebook, and work, more online dating and socialising with new people. Dedicate at least 1 hour a day to meeting someone new. Whether it’s attending a class, joining a club, or just visualising your dream relationship. Allocate one night a week for a date. Even if you don’t use it, you know you ‘have time’ for that person when they do come along.

* “I’m too busy with work right now” – If you really didn’t want to be in a relationship you wouldn’t be reading this. So stop hiding behind work. Remember what your goals are, what you really want out of life and allocate your time accordingly. If high priority is to meet someone, then leave the office on time and go mingle.

* “I’m not attractive enough” – we are all born different, embrace it, be happy and confident with yourself and your true nature will shine through. This is what really makes someone attractive. I have met so many people that are not ‘typically’ attractive but I see people flock to them because of their amazing energy and confidence. Embrace it.

* “There is no one out there for me” – there are billions of people on this planet, I’m 100% sure there IS someone out there for you. You just need to project your best self so they can see you. Believe it, and it will happen. Make a conscious effort to seek like-minded people out each day to prove yourself wrong.

Remember: meeting the right person is 90% state of mind, 10% logistics.

8 SUPER Healthy Ways to Eat Cheap

1) Grow your own herbs: growing vegetables can be hard if you don’t have a garden and we generally eat more than we can grow. But herb pots can easily sit on a window ledge, don’t cost much to buy or maintain, and add so much flavour and nutrition to meals. Start with basil, mint, oregano and parsley.

2) Make smoothie’s instead of juices. Juices waste more, but smoothies use all the food, include the fibre and fill you up a lot more than juices do.

3) Seeds and nuts keep for long periods of time so buying in bulk from wholesalers will save a tone of money. Also, some fruits can be bought in bulk cartons, chopped up and frozen for smoothies.

4) Get to know your local farmers at the market, talk to them, tell them you want to support them and they will usually support you back. Perhaps you can volunteer to help them out one morning or help pick and sort vegetables in exchange for a bag of fresh produce.

5) Sprouting seeds are really cheap and go a long way. Sprouts are great in salads, in wraps or sandwiches, are extremely good for you, and so easy to grow.

6) Make your own almond milk. All you gave to do is blend water with a handful of almonds in a strong mixer. For sweetening you can add a date or goji berries. It’s much cheaper than buying it all the time.

7) Stock up at Health Food conventions or fairs. For some items you consume regularly, like coconut oil, you can get massive discounted rates. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with them for larger cartons.

8) Eat what’s in season. We have become accustomed to eating whatever we want whenever we want, but off-season food costs more. Plan your meals around whatever is in season at the time and you will save loads of money.

20 Great 1st Date Questions For Truly Unique Conversation.

On a first date you want to get a good idea what kind of person they are, without scaring them with intimating questions. But there’s nothing more boring than having a first date that feels like a job interview. It’s a fine balance. Try to steer the conversation in a more genuine direction. Here’s some interesting questions to get things going:

1) When no one is looking, what do you indulge in?

2) What will you never give up on?

3) What would you immediately do differently if you knew no one would judge you?

4) What’s the most valuable life lesson you learnt from a mistake?

5) Have you got any interesting hobbies you can teach me?

6) What’s something you have grown to appreciate as you get older?

7) What use to scare you, that no longer does?

8) Where have you travelled and where would you like to go?

9) What do you live for?

10) What’s something you take for granted everyday?

11) Where is your favourite place in the world?

12) What makes your skin crawl?

13) Who is the most important person in your life and why?

14) How do you spend most of your time in life?

15) How does the world work in your eyes?

16) Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

17) What do you believe is your true calling in life?

18) What do you need most right now?

19) What’s the best advise you have ever given yourself?

20) What does family mean to you?

These questions will help highlight a persons true nature, their core values and beliefs. The rest is all just bells and whistles, right?

Are You High Maintenance in a Relationship?

– I believe that dating is really difficult.

– Every relationship seems to have some drama.

– I am always commenting on what my partner is doing wrong, or should have done better.

– I argue with every partner I have but it’s never my fault.

– I like things done my way, otherwise it annoys me.

– I try to control all situations and if it doesn’t go to plan I get really frustrated.

If you answered yes to more than 2 of these then you may be running the risk of being a little high maintenance? But don’t worry, it’s easily fixed with a little TLC to your soul:

Try to look at dating as a fun and exciting time instead of a great hassle. Mantra: “I love dating, it gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people.”

Pick your battles. Imagine every relationship gets only one argument. Choose this one argument very carefully. It will help narrow down what is actually important and what can slide. Mantra: “I don’t need to argue about everything.”

Try to accept people for who they are. You don’t have to stay with them if their values don’t aline with yours, but don’t try to make them like you. Mantra: “I accept & embrace you for who you are.”

It’s ok to be a little out of control sometimes. Often people feel they need to control a situation to make it go the way they plan. If things don’t happen as expected don’t nit-pick, nag or complain. Just say “By letting things happen organically I embrace all possibilities.”

Don’t focus on the things that annoy you, make regular comments about all the amazing and positive things about the other person instead. When you talk about them, make sure it is all complimentary. Complaining about them will get you nowhere. “I love how he/she..…”

Remember, you have the power to change and find a loving relationship today!

Super Yogi Cereal!

There is no doubt that we have all seen the research showing how bad cereals are for you. They are overly processed and full of unnecessary sugars. Plus a lot of people are gluten intolerant, so it doesn’t leave us with many quick breakfast options. So I’m sharing my great Super Yogi Cereal which is full of nutrients, gluten free, vegan, raw, sugar free and so delicious:

Get a large electric chopper (anything that can grind nuts) and put in a hand full of organic walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, and raw cocoa nibs. Grind it all up into rough flakes, and add quinoa flakes, desiccated coconut, flaxseed, sesame seeds, a teaspoon of nutmeg, a table spoon of acai powder, and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Shake it all up in an air tight jar and VOILA! Home made vegan/raw cereal with so many nutritional benefits you will be bouncing off the walls!

Enjoy with your choice of coconut or almond milk. This should be enough for 2 weeks. Yummm! Super nutritious, no added sugars and no processed nasties.

Is ‘Wisdom’ On The Rise?

There was a time where things were much simpler; people didn’t question their faith or spirituality, they just accepted what they inherited. They ate what they were given, went to work even if they hated it, and stuck with their partner even if they were miserable. It seems that not much progressed spiritually for many many years.

But in recent times there has been a rise of consciousness. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed more people becoming vegetarian, meditation becoming part of office management training, a Yoga Teacher becoming the most desired profession, and gyms becoming healthy social scenes. People are actively pursuing happiness and becoming heavily invested in their personal and spiritual growth. The average person can now share words of wisdom with their friends and really inspire and make impact.

This means that the image of the traditional ‘Guru’ has changed! No longer does your Guru come from India, have sacred tattoos and spent 20 years meditating in the mountains. Now it can just be your local yoga teacher, a friend who jumped off the corporate ladder and into a new healthier lifestyle, or even a parent who has been inspired by a self help book. Whatever it is, find Guru’s in everyday life and your world will become more special.

How to Impress Your Date by ‘Cooking’

Not all of us are master chefs but we would love to be able to prepare a fancy meal for our date. It really does impress! Here are a few tips to make the evening just that little bit more special without worrying too much about the food itself.

– Start by setting the table with all plates, cutlery, glasses, wine, and water. Also, put out a little olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. It gives it that restaurant vibe.

– Buy a few ready made snacking foods to start with. Marinated olives, sun-dried tomatoes, dips, cheeses and crackers. Don’t serve them out of the plastic, make sure you put them in bowls/plates so they look more fancy (prepare this before they get there so you don’t have to fuss in the kitchen too long when your guest arrives).

– Buy fancy bread rolls or banquets and put them in the oven for 2-3 minutes before eating (it feels so much more special when its warm).

– Always have a salad. Most supermarkets have a ready made mix green leaf salad you can toss into a bowl. Just add chopped tomatoes and cucumber (with the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper already on the table they can do the rest to their taste).

– So for the main meal, if you really have no idea how to cook, just buy a simple pasta from your favourite takeaway joint and heat it up. But if you have a signature dish that you make really well (most of us do) just make that! Even if its not glamorous, they will appreciate the love and enthusiasm that you put in. For those who still have nothing to make; just boil pasta for 15-20min, drain off water and add a ready made sauce from the supermarket, easy!

– By this point hopefully you have set up the evening so well that it won’t matter how great your food is, the effort will count for everything!

Should I Date Someone From The Same Culture?

Whether you’re Indian, Chinese, Muslim, French, Catholic, Hare Krishna… whatever… religion or culture can be a deal breaker in a relationship. But why is it so important to some? Do we think they will understand us better?

My husband is Indian/English/Hindu and I am Greek/Australian/Orthodox and we have learnt a very valuable lesson in our relationship; The most important thing is that our VALUES are the same. The rest is just decorative words. We are both close to our family, health conscious, driven, and spiritual. Does it matter that society has given us each a different identity?

So many people today want to have someone from the same faith or culture because they believe it will be ‘easier’. But you can easily find someone from the same culture with completely different values. Culture or faith does not automatically guarantee that you will agree on everything, want the same things in life, or raise your kids the same way. It all comes down to your values.

So next time you’re scanning profiles online, look closer. Try to find out the persons real beliefs, their priorities, and life philosophy, and see if they match yours. Who knows, you may just create something really special and unique.

6 Daily Habits That Help You Find Love

1) Wake up and meditate for 5-10 minutes – this will help get you in the right frame of mind, positivity!

2) Visualise your perfect relationship – Create a list or vision board of all the things you want in a relationship and keep it in eye-site so every day you see it and it is reinforced in your mind.

3) Smile to at least 3 people each day – on the bus, train, in the queue getting lunch… wherever you are, project a happy disposition and connect with people.

4) Do activities after work – don’t go home, join groups or meet friends, take a class, try something new… anything!

5) Talk to strangers – yes it can be a little scary for some of us but once you get use to it you wont feel like the crazy person at the back of the bus, you will just start making friends and who knows where that might lead (wink, wink).

6) Before you go to bed, remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for. There is no point being in a relationship if you don’t love yourself and your life.

15 Great Date Ideas for Yogis

Most yoga lovers don’t get excited about going on a date to the nearest bar for a beer and burger. We’re a little different… So what to do when you have a date coming up? Surprise your potential partner and choose something fun and interesting:

1) Go for a bike ride around your city park.

2) See a comedy show – nothing is better than laughing.

3) Pack a delicious picnic and enjoy in the sun.

4) Try out a Trivia night in your area.

5) Attend a meditation workshop – it will give you something to talk about afterwards.

6) Attend a food tasting event/fair.

7) Try a Juice Bar for a quick first date drink.

8) Do a gentle yoga class! – don’t be shy, it’s a great way to show your true self.

9) Get in touch with nature and go for a hike or bird watching.

10) Take a boat trip in the local river or lake with a thermos of tea.

11) Check out the local Theatre Clubs for a unique show.

12) Go to an art gallery to see the latest exhibitions.

13) Plan a night of fun board games.

14) Find the newest raw food cafe to meet and try a treat.

15) Attend a spiritual Bhakti night and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Remember, by putting the effort in to plan something you know they will love, you will gain brownie points and get their attention.

Inside The Mind of a New Male Yogi

I’ve got yoga. Get dressed; I get hot but can’t wear shorts that are too short… find something that hugs my junk so I don’t expose. Go. Wow I love yoga, hot chicks everywhere… like her leggings on that ass. Ok lie down, close eyes, focus. Don’t think dirty thoughts. Oooooooaaamm. Breath. Breath. Breath. Intention for today? Uuum to stretch!?

Stand, arms up, fold, breath, arch, bend, down dog… breath. Flow, lunge, bend, stretch (there it is!) hold. Breath…. That girls hot too! Look down, try to focus. Chaturanga, up dog, down dog, warrior one, breath… warrior two. Trikonasana, arms down, chaturanga. Repeat on other side. Bend, fold, try to focus, breath. Warrior two, hold. Vinyasa flow right side… Vinyasa flow left side… up dog, down dog, high lunge, warrior two, arm up twist and bind arms behind. Behind? Sweat! Breath… Breath…. Focused…… I feel so uncoordinated, how does she do that? Ah I lost my focus. Dammit! Breath. Chaturanga, down dog, inversion? Ok i’ll try, i’m pretty strong, I do weights… fall. Ok, child’s pose. Focus. Breath. Hmm I can relax now. What? Backbend, eeeh. Ok squeeze, lift, press, push, push, push…. fall. That looked pretty sexy though, right? Breath.

Shavasana…. aaaaww finally. I feel so great now. Eyes closed. Feel calm. Sleep… wait i’m suppose to relax, meditate, feel heavy etc. not sleep! ……….Sleep…….. wake up! Was I snoring? aaah crap, how embarrassing. Such an old man. Sit up. OOOOAAAAAAMMM. Brilliant!

Roll the mat up. Ooh she looks cute all sweaty… should I say something to her? “Hi” little grin. “Great class” she smiled back! Awesome! Oh no she walked off. Follow her, no stalker… ok go home and sit in your bliss for a bit. Try again next week.


Do you suffer from ‘Ego Yoga’?

What’s Ego Yoga? In todays competitive world, it’s easy to carry our ego onto the yoga mat. Whether it’s your desire for perfection, the need to be the best, or the need to achieve… All this stems from EGO. Our teachers constantly remind us to remove the ego in our yoga practice, to just accept where we are in the current moment. Our ego is only going to hurt us, off the matt and on the matt. So how do you know if you are one of those people that is fuelled by ego in yoga?:

– When you can do a posture that no one else in the class can do, you quietly gloat inside.

– If someone asks you if you can do a posture outside of a class, you always show them proudly, even when it’s really inappropriate.

– You often push yourself too far in a class, more than you know you should, just so you’re not the only person who isn’t doing it.

– You often share pictures of yourself on social media doing really tricky postures in the hopes that you will get a few “wow” comments.

– While you’re doing yoga, you always try to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror to see how you look.

We can all admit to having experienced at least one of these at some point. But lets try to recognise it next time, then hopefully we can move towards a new frame of mind that is not ego driven, but consciously present in the moment, experiencing whatever is happening in our practice without trying to manipulate it.

How To Avoid Awkward Silences On A Date?

Quite often our biggest fear on a first date is that very awkward silence when neither of you know what to say next. How can you avoid this? Our Top Tips:

1) Prepare some notes. It may seem silly but I believe it’s very wise to write some short notes before a date. What are some of the key things you want them to know about you? What do you want to know about them? What are some of your passions, interests or life plans? What do you love talking about? Write them down and memorise them so you can be ready to start the conversation.

2) Avoid Negative Topics; Ex partners, deaths, worries or dramas in your life do NOT make for great first date conversation. It can make the energy between you even more awkward. If it comes up, change the subject as delicately and swiftly as possible.

3) Let THEM talk. People love talking about themselves. It’s usually an easy topic and puts people at ease. So ask lots of questions; from their job, family members, weekend activities, travels, food preferences etc. and you will inevitably find common ground.

4) Choose a venue that offers some kind of topic of conversation. Perhaps there is a great view, a theatre show, an activity, a movie, a class etc. It will help give you something to talk about.

5) What makes their eyes light up. Everyone has a topic that they get excited about, that they are passionate about. When you see their eyes light up, try to stay on topic. The conversation will easily flow if the other person is enjoying the topic.

Try to choose a venue that you feel comfortable and relaxed in. But most of all, enjoy yourself! Nothing is more attractive than someone who makes the most out of any situation.

How to avoid awkward food moments when someone doesn’t have the same diet as you?

Vegetarian, vegan, peskatarian, carnivore, raw foodist, gluten free, sugar free, lactose intolerant… the list goes on and on. Everyone has their own diet requirements now and it can be really difficult to enjoy a nice meal with someone when you don’t eat the same foods.

I am vegan, one of my friends doesn’t eat carbohydrates, and another is gluten intolerant. So when we meet for dinner, it makes for interesting ordering. It got me thinking; what do you do if you are on a date and the other person doesn’t have the same diet as you. How can you avoid awkward moments?:

– If you know the restaurant you are going to, call a few hours before and check if they can accommodate you. In most cases, they will.

Choose the restaurant wherever possible. This way you can choose the food you prefer.

Opt for sharing plates, this way there is likely to be something there that you can eat and it’s not as obvious if you don’t eat everything.

Tolerance is key. Avoid turning your nose up at someone else’s meal or lecturing them on the ‘right’ way to eat.

– If you find you are in a restaurant that doesn’t have any options, just ask politely if they can make you something. I’ve done this many times and they have never let me down.

– If you feel uncomfortable about asking and you can’t get out of the restaurant, then just eat beforehand and only have a simple salad while you are there. This way you can still be social without having to give up your diet.

Try not to make a big fuss about it at the table. This can make things awkward and just draw attention to the situation. Just think ahead, be patient and spend your energy enjoying the company.

Are You Wasting Time in Relationships?

It’s a new relationship, but you’re not sure if they are really keen or not. How can you tell? Often we make excuses for the other persons behaviour or justify the situation to keep them as long as possible. But this is just wasting time for you both.

1) Trust your instincts – If it feels wrong to begin with, chances are it probably is wrong. Look for someone where it feels right, it’s easy, and relaxed.

2) Listen – If they tell you up front that they don’t want a relationship, they don’t want children, that their work is their life… whatever it is, LISTEN to them! If it’s not in line with your values, respect it and move onto someone else.

3) Actions speak louder than words – if they are always cancelling on you, texting when you’re together, don’t make eye contact, or worse; forget your name… then pay attention; they aren’t interested.

4) Effort – if they put very little effort into the relationship, then you are not high on their priority list. Don’t settle for someone who puts no effort into the relationship. You deserve better.

5) Honesty – most people tell little white lies, but if you are not honest about who you are, what you stand for and what your highest values are, then you are wasting time.

Early in a relationship many of us hold onto hope. Hope; that it might work. Hope; that this might be the one. Hope; that they may change. In some cases it does work out. But if you don’t want to waste time, be decisive and avoid the time wasters. 

5 Daily Affirmations To Help You Find Love

The dialogue we have with ourselves about our relationship status is so important. If we always say negative or disheartening things about ourselves or about dating, then they will stick and become our reality.

Affirmations are a great way to change this habit and get into a new frame of mind. Make sure your affirmation is structured as though you already have what you want. Instead of saying “please send me a great love,” say “thank you for this great love.” Here are 5 affirmations you can use to help find love:

1) I love who I am, and I am loved just as I am.

2) I am in a brilliant relationship filled with love, respect, humour and gratitude.

3) My heart is always open and I radiate love.

4) I am so happy and grateful for this loving relationship we have cultivated.

5) I deserve this wondering relationship I am in and the love we share.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and say your affirmation 5 times in the morning and 5 times at night. When you say it, feel the power and the reality of your words. Believe them and they will become your world.

Yogi Green Juice – For A Big Energy Boost!

People love sharing their juice recipes. My big green morning juice is one that a lot of people ask me about. It’s packed with all the most important minerals & vitamins and just gives you the healthiest start to the day.

Green Juice Recipe: 

1-2 apples

half a head of celery

1 large cucumber

half a head of kale

half a bag of spinach

fresh ginger (about half a block, or according to taste)

half a head of broccoli

Tip: squeeze lemon into an ice cube tray, freeze, and later add the frozen cube to the juice for a fresh burst.


6 Characteristics Most Yogi’s Need In a Relationship

Let’s face it, we can’t be with just anyone. Once you go down the yoga path, nothing is ever the same. You need someone who fits in with your lifestyle, who understands your priorities and who has similar values. In my experience there are 6 things that most Yogi’s need in a relationship:

Non-Drinker – If you meet someone who is a big drinker, it can get boring really quickly. A glass of wine with dinner can be tolerated, but if they enjoy the buzz of getting drunk, chances are they are not truly existing on a higher conscious level.

Peace – some people just like to argue, gossip, or say cruel things. We certainly don’t see aggressive behaviour as a sign of strength. The act of kindness and compassion is highly regarded and admired amongst all.

Healthy Eater – whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just health conscious, chances are you don’t enjoy a greasy burger and a super sized coke. A relationship will be just that little bit easier if you can enjoy a meal together.

Respecting Animals – the higher you rase your consciousness, the greater the chance you will feel more connected to nature and more compassion towards animals.

Positive Energy – The energy of your partner can significantly affect you. If you live with an open heart and spiritual awareness, but your partner is always depressed or negative, you will feel it deeply and it will affect your relationship.

Love for the Planet – maybe you recycle everything, grow your own vegetables, use solar power or just care about what happens to the planet. Being “Green” is something that we share and bond over.

If you feel the need to connect with someone on a similar level, someone who has similar values to you, then try and meet like-minded people.

5 Types of ‘Stress’, How to Combat Them, & Be At Peace

1) Bad Food: Junk food, sugar, meat and highly processed foods can cause your body a great deal of stress. You may find your body uses up more energy digesting bad food, than it actually gives your body. Coffee, tea and alcohol also over stimulate the body and add to tension.

2) Difficult People: Your friends can end up being the cause of your stress. The best way to tell if someone is doing this to you is to check how you feel when you leave them. Do you feel worse than before, frustrated or anxious? If so, minimise the amount of time you spend with them, and if you have to see them, bring along another more joyful friend as a buffer.

3) Your Job: It’s an obvious one, but many of us just accept it as a stress in our lives. Don’t! Life is too precious to waste most of your day doing something you don’t like. Either learn to do your job without absorbing the stress, or change jobs immediately.

4) Technology: We think we need it, but often we feel like a slave to it because its always there, flashing at us to do something. Remember YOU are in control of your technology. Put your phone down, limit yourself to only a couple of TV shows a week (if that), give yourself limited time for social media, and only use your computer when you absolutely have to. Instead, spend time just breathing, observe people, focus on the sounds around you and just sit still.

5) Your Mind: No matter what is going on with the first four stresses, if your mind is not in the right place you will feel stressed no matter what. Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day to give yourself time to reflect, calm your mind, clear your thoughts and relax.

Once you can learn to live with minimal stress life will seem easier and happier.

Live Fearlessly

You live, love and play without fear. You don’t want to hold back, then reflect on your life years later and wished you had lived in a certain way but didn’t, because you were too afraid. (Miranda Kerr)

Mantra: I conduct my life fearlessly and proactively.

Mantra: My life is exactly what I want it to be.

Mantra: I live with honour, humility and pride in all the decisions I make.

Take charge of your life and live without fear!

Practice Yoga In Online Dating

It’s so easy to judge people, we are all guilty of doing it at some point. But when it comes to online dating, there is a fine line between using your gut instinct to get out of an awkward first date, and judging someone as soon as you see their profile picture.

In yoga, we are always taught to go within, expand our heart centre, open up, remove the ego and be humble. Our teachers encourage us to take our practice off the mat and into every day life.

I asked one of my dearest friends to do that very thing, to practice yoga in online dating. Never pre-judge someone by their photo, give them a chance, talk to them and see what can come.

If you see people with open eyes, open arms and an open heart, it will always lead somewhere positive. With this mindset, you might make a friend, learn something new about yourself, or even fall in love! 

Smile and look at people in the eye

It’s such a simple thing, to smile, to look someone in the eyes, to make contact. People often forget the power it can have, especially when you are meeting someone new.

I asked my lovely single friend Laura (who always complains that she is single and no one is interested in her) to make eye contact and smile to at least 5 people a day. Keep it brief and genuine so as not to appear a little bit creepy.

It seems strange at first for some, to be so open and invite someone in to your world so easily. But then, Laura started telling me how much more positive her days felt, she even met a few interesting people, had conversations and it changed her day.

If we could all incorporate a little more smiling and eye contact into our lives, our perspective could change completely and meeting new people could be more fun. Try it…

Are there any men on Yoga Singles?

I get asked this question a lot, and the answer to this sneaky suspicion is… YES, of course there are!

Don’t forget that yoga is not just a physical practice on the matt, it encompasses many other areas in your day to day life that are equally as important. Remember; Mind, Body, and Breath.

There may not be as many men in your Vinyasa Flow class every week, working on their binds, inversions, or that really tricky posture that only 2 people in the class can do… There are some out there, but most of the men I have met are interested in a ‘Yogic Lady’ because they want someone who shares their values. They want someone spiritual, someone who takes pride in their mental and physical health.

So stop worrying about them not being out there and jump online to meet them. They are there, you just have to sign up for Yoga-Singles and look.

Tell the Truth!

So many of us are lying to ourselves. We do it everyday. “I don’t want a girlfriend” or “I don’t need anyone” or “I love being alone”. It’s all well and good if you are being genuine. But are we just saying these things to make ourselves feel better?

Stop doing it!

Instead, change your life. Visualise what you want, and go out and get it. Don’t make excuses. Analyse the situation and be really honest with yourself. Life will  become much clearer and you will be able to achieve what you want if you cut out all the crap.

Change your words and thoughts and your world changes

Many people underestimate the power of your thoughts. Think about it, every time you say “there’s no great single people out there” or “I’m always singles” you just verify that negative belief, cementing it into your mind.

That will affect your actions in life. Next time you meet someone amazing, somewhere in the back of your mind you will be thinking “nah, there aren’t any good people out there anymore”. And next time you go on a date your subconscious will be saying “but i’m always singles”. You will inevitably sabotage your love life.

So stop doing it to yourself!! Make your thoughts only positive thoughts about your love life. Try these mantras every day to change your subconscious:

“I am an amazing boyfriend/girlfriend”

“There are so many amazing people around me who I can love”

“I am so loveable in every way”

“Thank you for my amazing partner in life”

“Being in a great relationship is so wonderful”


We want to encourage people to date, meet, open your hearts, and fall in love. But, please remember how important it is to respect yourself!

If you find yourself feeling a little needy or a little too keen to be in a relationship (i’m avoiding the evil word “desperate”), you may find you put up with a little more than you should in a relationship. Perhaps you are dating someone that is unkind to you, doesn’t meet your values, or is pushing you down a path that makes you really uncomfortable… It doesn’t matter what the situation is. If you find yourself loosing respect for yourself then your relationship will never work out.

Speak to yourself with love, care, honour and respect will come naturally.

Get in touch!

Today our world is full of chaos, advertising, noise, drama, bills, gossip, and all the other Ra Ra in our lives that makes it hard to focus. So it’s even more important to get in touch with nature, to reconnect with our natural instincts and our intuition.

Turn the TV and phone off. Take time to be quiet, sit and just observe nature, it’s touch, its scent, sound, and taste. Grass, trees, food, animals, the sea… Try to pay really close attention to the vibrations it creates. Listen to your body too, what is it telling you? To rest? The run? To laugh? Whatever it tells you to do, just do it. You will feel better for it!

Getting in touch with nature can make us feel calmer, more focused and make better decisions. It helps us gain some perspective on the world, our problems, fears, anxieties. Suddenly everything is put into perspective and we can see clearly. Try to do it every day for 5 minutes and see how it transforms your life.


The people you spend most of your time with each day are inevitably going to influence you, your thoughts, your life decisions, your energy… Whether it’s people you work with, people you socialise with, or those you live with.

So, who are the top 5 people you spend your time with? What are their passions? What do you do together? What’s the main topic of conversation?

Now think about the top 5 things that are important to you in your life. Is it health, family, love, nature, work, career etc? Are there any common factors between these people and your highest values? Perhaps there are. Perhaps not.

But if you are looking for a life partner, chances are you will want them to be in your top 5 people. Choosing someone who has the same values as you will ensure you thrive and live a life true to yourself.



Eco vs Ego

If there is one thing that yoga teaches us it’s that our ego get’s in the way of our progress more than we would like to admit. We are often reminded to take our practice off the mat and into our lives.

But how much is our ego impacting our career, our health, friendships, and what about love? Is our ego actually ruining our love life? Are we so stubborn and set in our ways that we can’t give up the ego and accept what naturally comes our way.

Too often I see people look at a photo on a dating website and flick over it before even looking at the details on their profile. Their ego is telling them they need to be with someone more attractive. It’s limiting their potential for a partner!

Try to reduce the ego and think of yourself on equal playing grounds with everyone out there. Love flourishes from the inside out, not from a nice face. Give yourself a chance to bond with someone on an intimate level.

We are all equal on this earth and we need to remind ourselves of this if we want to be happy. So next time you chat to a potential partner; think ECO not EGO.






Yoga Ruins Your Life?

Some of us have had those moments in our life where we feel like we don’t belong in the normal world, where our world of yoga has taken over and nothing will ever be the same again. I know I am reminded of it every day after I finish my morning yoga and have enjoyed stretching out my toes and allowing them to breath freely before they are forced into suffocating boots for the rest of the day… oh how I wish I could walk around barefoot for the rest of my life, breathing into every step I take and feeling the earth beneath me.

I love this video…



This quote is so powerful, so true and so wise.

Too often today we want more of everything; more friends, more money, more gadgets, more clothes, more food etc… We are a world consumed with wanting stuff. A world of consumerism can easily draw us in and we become lost. We have forgotten what it is to be grateful with what we have.

So I put the challenge to you; before you go to bed each night, remind yourself of 5 things that you are grateful for that day. Even the smallest things count.

Today I am grateful for the clean air I breath, the gym, the sun, mangos, and my friend Nikki.

A man’s eyes normally light up with excitement when a woman tells him she does yoga. Perhaps the first thing that pops into their mind is a visual of their legs stretched behind their head. But is that really what they are attracted to? I ask a friend of mine to share his thoughts and I am surprised by his response.

“Well… yes, we like the idea of a flexible woman, we are men after all… But I think it goes deeper then just bending over and touching the floor with ease. Men like a woman who is emotionally open, sensitive, kind and warm. A woman who cares about a healthy mind and body, and it seems yoga attracts that kind of woman.”

Does it attract that kind of woman or does it turn you into that kind of person? I cast my mind back to the day before I started practicing yoga and try to run a comparison to the yogi me that exists today. And yes, I can certainly say I am drastically more open, warmer, kinder and generally more relaxed with life than before I started yoga. Does that mean men will also become more gentle, kind, and loving?

Generally, I think yoga tends to bring out your good qualities and that’s what makes you more attractive. You develop a love and respect for your body that resinates with people.

So… does this actually make you better in bed? Maybe…! But the real question is, does it make you a happier person?

Today I sat on the train and observed everyone around me immerse themselves in their smart phones. Not one person looked up. Not even to look at the very rare red sun that was shining bright in the middle of a dark UK winter.

Some may say I wasted my time sitting their not checking my emails or messages. I could have caught up on Facebook gossip or scrolled through Whatsapp group chats, checked Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Linkedin, Etsy, Twitter, TED, Words with Friends….AAAAHHHH!!

NO. Today I spent the time reflecting, observing, thinking, and just being present.

At what point did we feel the need to constantly be doing something, constantly entertained or distracted? I was reminded of a documentary I had once seen which showed the discovery of an ancient device in Egypt which mapped out the entire solar system to perfection. Historians couldn’t understand how such an ancient society could have had such knowledge. Their only solution? The people of those times spent hours gazing at the sky, observing stars, subtle movements, obscure reactions and understood their universe better than we do now. Have we really regressed that much? 

I do blame the invention of the iPhone to an extent, but WE are the ones controlling the phone. We could just put them away! Perhaps we can then remember what it’s like to be present and fully appreciate living in the moment and all the beauty it has to offer.

So many people I speak to about dating have given up on the idea of finding someone. They don’t say it, but I can tell. They don’t show up to dating events, or if they do; they aren’t fully present when they are talking to people. They seem constantly distracted with one eye on the door. And if someone appears interested in them, they don’t even notice. Some people are in a relationship that isn’t working out but they just drift along, complaining about it. It’s the same thing. They have given up.

It’s really obvious to the people around you. What you believe, how you feel and what you think will be so apparent in your body language, your energy and behaviour that you may be inadvertently driving people away.

A good way to change this is to meditate on what you want. Focus on the feeling of love, imagine what it will be like when you meet your perfect person, how you feel around them, all the things you will do together etc… By visualising the relationship you want and how it will feel being in it, you will help make it a reality in your mind.

So please don’t give up on love! Anything is possible if you focus, imagine, believe, be patient and keep trying.

So why did we start Yoga Singles?

I have to admit, I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince. And once I found him, he also confessed that he had to go through his share of awkward dates, disappointing relationships and even the dreaded blind date.

On our first date the conversation of meditation came up and I found myself saying the same thing I normally do to someone I don’t know “I meditate every day, but I’m not weird.” For the first time in my dating career I got the response I never expected “Wow really? That’s amazing. Maybe we could meditate together some time.” What? Really?

From there on we proceeded to attend yoga classes together, meditation workshops, lunch at vegan cafes, juice bars, party at kirtan events and talk about spirituality and personal development for hours. I never knew I could have a relationship like this!

We realised that there is a whole world of people out there, just like us, that have similar values, and chances are you don’t want to go to the local pub for steak, chips and a beer.

Most mismatched/disastrous relationships are due to a difference in values. So we thought; wouldn’t it be great if there was one dating website where you could meet people just like us? Like-minded individuals who share a love of healthy eating, spirituality, mindfulness and meditation. People who follow a Yogic way of life! And so, Yoga Singles was born.